We are FREEDOM warriors.

We aim to restore HOPE to trafficked survivors.

We believe:

“Justice at it’s best is love correcting everything that stands against love.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

By partnering with Redlight and purchasing our products, you are adding your voice to hundreds of people who are saying “I see YOU” to trafficked victims.

Your help gives us the power to:

Reach Out

Onto the streets of Durban in areas of high prostitution. Red Lights heart is to LOVE the ladies and assist those who are identified as victims of exploitation through a process of sustainable and trusting relationship.


Trafficked survivors at our drop-in centre where we offer counselling, skills, individual development and focus on restoring DIGNITY and HOPE.


Through job readiness where survivors receive a monthly stipend. We further assist survivors to take RESPONSIBILITY for their FUTURE by releasing them into sustainable employment or endeavours.

Words from our partners:

“It was so humbling yet really exciting to see how “knowledge of fitness” is not something that everyone has. I had an absolute blast being able to teach the ladies very basic yet effective exercises.” – Kyle
“Working with Red Light is great. I took lightly how they were helping the victims till I started working with them. It’s an amazing experience because I’m learning something totally powerful – the power to shift atmospheres through love, which is extremely humbling.” – Siya (Ridge Web)

What we’ve been up to: