Red Light Anti Human Trafficking Initiative

..."to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour.” - Luke 4:18-19 (NIV)

Red Light and what we do:

Reach Out

Onto the streets of Durban, KZN in areas of high prostitution and exploitation. Red Lights heart is to LOVE and build sustainable relationships with the ladies and  identify and assist those who are exploited or vulnerable to exploitation.


Restoration program for Human Trafficked survivors and sex workers who are vulnerable to exploitation. Our Drop in Center creates an environment where we offer emotional, financial and spiritual support with the aim to restore Dignity and Hope.


We work through tailor made programs to allow beneficiaries to leave the organization with sustainable skill and community support and employment opportunities.

Our heart:

Human Trafficking is the wolrd’d fastest growing criminal industry and affect every part of the globe. Human Trafficking takes on many forms, such a Labour Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, Dometic servitude, Debt Bondage and Organ Selling to name a few.
At the heart of Red Light is the desire to reach out and assist survivors of human trafficking and exploited sex workers who feel they cannot exit the industry due to social and economic circumstances. Red Lights programs are centered in LOVE and the word of God to release our beneficiaries into sustainable lives of FREEDOM and HOPE

Our Vision:

  • Reach out onto the streets of Durban and identifying and assist sex trafficked survivors and vulnerable groups
  • Refer survivors into our restoration and release program or to network partners where assistance is needed
  • Work towards sustainable change emotionally, spiritually and financially with survivors
  • Report human trafficking and suspicious activities and train others to identify and assist
  • Partnering with churches,  businesses, government, and other organizations to expand our capacity to reach more survivors and at risk groups

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